Michigan GRO Sessions

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First Sunday Each Month

2 PM – 5 PM

Modern Skate Park

1500 N Stephenson Hwy, Royal Oak, MI

All girls of all ages and abilities are invited to join in this GRO Skateboard Session. 

$7 Park fee.

Modern Skate Park is providing a special rate for all girls during this session that includes the two-hour session ($12 value for non members) and all rental protective gear and boards to borrow ($6 value).  This is a great price to skate this amazing park.

Even if you don’t know anything about skating, it’s ok.  This is the perfect place to start!

** All participants will need to have a completed waiver with Modern Skate Park.  If you already skate this park and have a waiver on file, you are good to go.  Girls 18 and over can sign the waiver at the event.  Girls under 18 will need a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian at the event or bring the signed and notarized waiver to the event.


 – Click here for the Modern Skate Park waiver and information. –


Michigan GRO Sessions 3



“It’s awesome to watch these girls progress, find or already have a love for skating and feel like they fit in at a skatepark. Glad to be a part of it and excited on what’s to come.”


– Christiana Smith


Today this little girl came in with a penny board and she wanted to learn how to drop in really bad, she was only 9 and just started and didn’t really know that she would need a real board to do tricks and stuff so I let her use my board and she learned how to drop in.  She started on a bank ramp, then 3-foot quarter, then later on a bunch of us girls were skating and she was like “I wanna drop in on that” and pointed at the bigger 5-foot quarter and she went for it and got it.

Michigan GRO Sessions 2


She progressed faster than anyone I have ever helped, male or female, and she didn’t even own a real board.



She was such an inspiration to me, its crazy that a little girl just starting out can inspire me someone who has been skating for years to be the best I can be. Definitely the highlight of the sesh.

Michigan GRO Sessions 1




Even if you live in another part of the state or a neighboring state, you are welcome to join this event to skate, network with GRO Riders and learn more about getting a GRO Crew going in your community.


If there are any girls who truly cannot participate due to the fee alone, email info@girlsriders.org.