GRO NYC’s Chica de Mayo

Chica First

On May 21, 2016 GRO held it’s first ever Chica de Mayo event. The weather forecast was back and forth leading up to that day, but the crew decided to take a chance and move forward. They set up the event and hoped for the best. They were happy that they did. The weather held out and the girls showed up to skate.

Chica Riders

There was an abundance of prizes for the raffle and for giveaways. Girls of all ages showed up for lessons, to compete and to have fun skating the pump track. The DJ set the fun mood and all of the girls had a blast at the art table decorating the Jessup Griptape.

Chica Recap Art

There were girls of all ages that had never been on a board and came to learn. We had plenty of GRO girls there to help them learn. Triple 8 NYC was there with tons of new helmets for girls to try and to document the event.

Chica Skate

There were three races at the event. Each race was timed, so the girls with the best times would be the winners. For many of the girls, this was their first time skating a pump track, but you would never have known it. No matter what their age, the girls went out there and dominated! Alum Boards was there to judge the contest and they brought plenty of their boards for girls to demo.

Chica Contest Winners

Here are the categories and results.

Under 10 – small track
1st Place – Stella (age 8) 33.5 seconds
2nd Place – Nouri (age 6) 1min 20 seconds
3rd Place – Chloe (age 8) 1 min 23 seconds

Under 16 – big track
1st Place – Zoe (age 9) 14.6 seconds
2nd Place – Heather ( age 13) 25.3 seconds
3rd Place – Kate (age 11) 42.3 seconds

16 and older – big track
1st Place – Niki Culma (age 25) 15.2 seconds
2nd Place – Nina Moran (age 18) 15.3 seconds
3rd Place – Jessie F (age 25) 15.4 seconds
3rd Place – Cami Best (age 26) 15.4 seconds

Best Overall Winners
1st Place – Zoe Herishen
2nd Place – Niki Culma
3rd Place – Nina Moran

Chica de Mayo was a huge success. Each girl left with a big smile on their face and thanked GRO for putting on the event. The feedback has been amazing.

Chica Last