GRO NYC | Homage Sunday Sessions

2016 Sun GRO NYC Homage

NYC GRO Girls Only Sessions Homage TF
615 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY

GRO NYC x Homage Skate Session
Second Sunday of each month
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Each month, GRO NYC and Homage are providing all girl skateboard sessions. This skate session is geared for beginner to intermediate riders, those just getting on board, mastering the basics or seeking instruction on how to skateboard.

Advanced riders are welcome to come help newer riders or skate but the priority of the space is for those less experienced.


$10 Suggested Donation




Every participant must have a waiver signed with Homage to ride this event. Riders 18 and over can sign upat the session. Riders under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign. If a parent or legal guardian is unable to accompany a minor, the waiver can be completed in advance at the Homage Skateboard Academy site through the “Sign our Waiver” link at the bottom of their web page.

There are some boards and safety gear available to use if you don’t have your own. To ensure the availability of the gear you need, email to provide a specific request of what you need.

Girls Skating GRO Homage Session