GRO Bringing Action Sports To Girl Scouts

GRO Girl Fest

 “The skateboarding activity was a huge highlight for my girl.”


GRO at Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s Girl Fest.

On Saturday, November 15th, the Girl Scouts of the Northwest came together in the thousands for Girl Fest at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, Oregon and GRO was there ready to teach the Girl Scouts how to skateboard and provide information about snowboarding.  The Girl Scouts reached out to GRO to join this event because of the high interest among the girls about action sports and they needed an organization qualified to provide this education and experience.


Girl Fest Watch Stance

“I learned to skateboard & climb a rock wall. It was awesome!”

The day held nine workshops to teach skateboarding taught by GRO, Skate Like A Girl and a few other volunteers.  All of the workshop signups were full within the first hour of the event showing the strong interest of the girls in skateboarding and learning how.  To accommodate some of the overwhelming demand, we added a secondary set of workshops on skateboard decks alone to teach the basics of stance and movements.


Girl Fest Learn 3

 “I got to learn how to skateboard, see a concerts, art activities, it was super fun!”

In the main skateboard workshops, each girl was padded up and got on board to learn the riding basics from experienced female instructors.  In all the fun, the classes seemed so fast that many girls were not ready to stop.  Every participant had a successful introduction and with coaching and encouragement, not one quit or felt incapable of riding.  So many smiles on girls ages 6 to 16.


Girl Fest Group Collage


At the end of the day 200 Girl Scouts had learned to skateboard with GRO at Girl Fest!  That is the most females ever taught to skate by GRO in a single day!  Next year GRO is going back with Skate Like A Girl and doubling the workshops and capacity for the event.  Still, there will not be a single spot unfilled.


The Girl Scouts and GRO send a big thank you too all the sponsors that donated the gear that enabled the girls to ride including Foundation Skateboards, Sector 9, Mini Logo, Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8 and Penny Skateboards.


Girl Fest Board Thank


If you are a Girl Scout or involved in Girl Scouts and want to bring skateboarding to your council or troop, email to find out more.