Bigbum Boards Supports GRO With Every Sale


Looking to buy a skateboard? Consider buying one that gives back!


Bigbum Boards is supporting GRO through the sales of their amazing boards. Not only can your purchases help support girls through GRO, it also helps empower Claire’s vision of giving back as she grows into an amazing leader of positive change!



“My daughter, Claire, has been part of the Michigan GRO crew for about the last year and a half. Having a group of girls at the skatepark with her has been so meaningful.



Several months ago we decided to get a couple of blank decks and make our own graphics. We used stain instead of paint with the idea that it wouldn’t scratch off as easily. We had so much fun making those decks that we decided to keep making them and start selling them on Etsy.


Claire’s nickname for me is Biggie and my nickname for her is Bumble, so that’s how we came up with the name Bigbum Boards.


We decided to donate 50% of our profits to GRO as a way of supporting an organization that has been so valuable to us.”


Jack & Claire Cronin

Support Bigbum Boards and GRO today by buying your deck online here through etsy!