Zoe on Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word


“We saw Instagram posts of this tiny little girl on a pump track, cruising down the street, or flying out of a snake run, always in motion with her long blond hair flying in the wind. Next thing we knew we saw she was throwing a “Chica de Mayo” party to help raise funds for Girls Riders Organization. We wondered how someone who was only nine years old would pull off an event like this… Well, we needn’t have wondered because Zoe is full of surprises that belie her young age. Read on to see what this little dynamo is up to next.

What would you tell girls who want to do this too?

Go for it! Don’t be afraid that just because you are a kid nobody will take you seriously. Find support like I did. Girls Riders Organization can help you go for your dreams just like they did for me. Having a crew of girls all over the country to reach out to, and visit when I travel is amazing! There are crews all over the country and they are growing every day. Find a GRO crew or start one in your area. It’s the best decision I have ever made! ”

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