Tomboi x GRO NYC

The Tomboi x GRO NYC fundraiser at Skate Brooklyn was a blast. Brittany Campbell was captivating as always with her incredible style and music performance that got everyone creeping down low to the floor just to bring them back up with the beat.


The crowd stayed lively and captivated between the skating and the insanely talented, local music performances by Nossis, Merc The Big Body Benz, Feather and Eyes, Olithea Anglin and of course, Brittany Campbell.



Tomboi GRO NYC Music

Everyone warmed up skating the ramp and once the party was in full swing, we did a full hour of just the ladies and they killed it. There were lots of our amazing local skaters and some from as far as Canada, with a huge turn out of guys in support.

Tomboi GRO NYC Skate


Six Point Brewery, Rekorderling Cider and Red Jacket Orchards provided lots of tasty beverages donated in support of GRO NYC.  Vans kindly sent over some pizzas from a local shop in the neighborhood after the girls skate. As well as raffles and giveaways throughout the night from our fly sponsors: Vans, Paradox Grip, Bones Wheels, Huck Doll, Sprayground and Rock Star Bearings.


Artwork hung on all walls by some very talented ladies including; Lizzi Reid, Cryssy Cheung, Corinne Seguin and Tiffany Porc.


Tomboi GRO NYC Pic


We love having parties and skating at Skate Brooklyn. They were super generous and chill, letting us take over every corner, removing furniture and all their merch to hang artwork and build a bar/raffle/merch table behind their counters, keeping the trash empty for us and showing mad support.


Tomboi GRO NYC


Thank you so much to everyone who came out, shared the positive vibes and showed some love for the ladies in art, music, and shredding. The money raised goes into the GRO NYC Crew. This ensures that any girl who wants to skate or participate in our events/trips will never be turned away for lack of economic means. They will also always have a board and supplies to shred.