The Growth Of A GRO Crew

The New York, New York GRO Crew began with the direction of GRO’s founder, Courtney Payne – Taylor. However, with the public launch of GRO Crews across the nation, time has come for this amazing group to take full leadership of the GRO Crew, events and efforts.


The GRO NYC x Homage Girls Only Beginner Session was an amazing look at their progress. Although many initial thoughts included doubts about the ability to manage without a GRO director, reality is silencing those doubts.


This day at Homage, when the event began, they were on their own.

“When I arrived, I found the park full of girls of all ages skating. The most amazing thing was not the good amount of beginners skating, but the number of advanced riders there to help them. I was not there to guide or run this session, but through the great work of all the girls, you could never tell the difference. It is such a joy watching the growth.” – Courtney Payne – Taylor, Founder, GRO