Skateboarding Is Transportation, Too

2014 05 30 GRO_CityLabVideo
GRO’s Founder, Courtney Payne Taylor, was recently interviewed for this story from CityLab and The Atlantic discussing the use of skateboarding as transportation.


From the article The Atlantic Monthly

“When most people hear the word “skateboard,” they think of giant wooden halfpipes, or Tony Hawk’s 900, or the thrill of the X-Games. But in big cities, skateboards are often used for more mundane reasons: sidestepping traffic, commuting to work, running errands, hitting the bars. Skating is faster than walking, less of a hassle than biking, more fun than being jostled in the subway, and way cheaper than a car.

The four skaters in this film, all deeply involved in the U.S. skateboarding community, use their beloved boards for more than just tricks. They use them to get around.”

View this direct on CityLab.