Skate Questions & Advice: Learning To Ollie

The ollie is one of the most basic tricks on a skateboard.  It is not the easiest.  The ollie is an important skill for anyone looking to progress in street trick skating.  Often, it is this skill that seems like a major obstacle for those starting to skate.


Photo By Danielle Dejesus

Photo By Danielle Dejesus


When we received this question at GRO…

“I tried to skateboard with my boyfriend teaching me.  I could not even ollie.  I feel like I am not good enough to skate.  Should I just quit trying?”



… we sent it over to Cindy Whitehead for an expert answer.

“Hell no!  No one got anywhere by quitting. If you love it keep practicing and having fun. Ask anyone who skates – it takes time to learn even basics like an ollie, dropping in or even gaining balance to just cruise in the beginning. Nothing worth doing is easy at first. Just think if all the people you love to watch skate quit in the beginning – see, NOT an option. Have fun and SKATE!”   – Cindy Whitehead






GRO learning tip.  

The ollie takes time to learn and master.  No one should expect to learn to ollie as soon as they start learning to skate.  It is important to master riding your board first.  Even when you do start working on your ollie, it will probably take days, weeks or more to achieve and even longer to master.  So many girls start to skate and right away try to ollie.  When they are not able to ollie, they believe they are not good enough to skate and quit.  If you cannot ollie it does mean you are not able to, it means you need to practice more.


Don’t forget, skateboarding was skateboarding, loved and enjoyed by many for a long time before the first ollie ever happened.  The ollie is a great skill, but it does not define skating!