My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your organization.  My girls have taken a recent interest in the sport of skateboarding and after visiting your booth at the X games they were very excited about the chance to skate with just girls (seeing how they have yet to meet one in a skate park since they began)

Upon arriving they were terrified, you made them very comfortable and after 5 minutes we could see them smiling and giggling the rest of the clinic.

On the way home, they were exhausted and expressed that “this was the best day of their lives”.  Their confidence level was lifted as they also learned new skills.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into this program and we look forward to all future events in Southern California.

– John, Kim, Taylor and Trinity





Just wanted to say a big “Thank You!” to you and the other ladies that were there teaching my nieces how to skate. Caitlin and Lauren had a lot of fun and learned so much. We appreciate your time and effort; you have definitely boosted their self-confidence and courage in these very “shy” girls. They were so excited to start practicing in their backyard.  Thanks Again!!!

– Sheena



The girl’s GRO program had a very positive influence on me.  The people were nice and very positive.  Being Handicap sometimes makes things hard and long for me.  Even though I am still struggling with my balance, I learned a lot.  My teacher was great.  She did not give up on me.  I continue to practice every day and since the people there did not give up on me, I will not give up skating.  Thank you and I’m looking forward to joining the program!

– Racinda



I am so excited that this organization exists and is doing this.  I am 50 lbs heavier than the last time I skated 9 years ago but just crafted a new “old school” pool ripper Peralta board at Mike McGills shop and put pads on for the first time and a helmet!!!  What an amazing thing to do with your kids as a mom of 4-the boys are 7 and 8 and rip as well!  I don’t think I will be dropping in on the bowls like I used to but the fact that I ride and the wind blows not through my hair but my helmet now lol 🙂 is…. PRICELESS.  Thanks again.

– Chris






It’s just that feeling when you step on that board…of freedom, whether its just carving a bowl or bombing some big hills.  Girls, you have really inspired me to keep going and just cuz were a woman doesn’t mean we can’t kill it.  lol. I love my board like I’m married to it…like I’m not whole unless my board is under my feet¦ it completes me¦ just the people I have met so far are awesome and just so free flow and easy and fun¦ skateboarding to me is a way of life¦ the feeling that u can go anywhere. Thanks ladies u have been a huge inspiration.  I’m just me, as long as I got my board I won’t stop even if the world does.  Thanks for listening…

– Jenni



You would not believe how much Hannah has improved since you guys were here.  She seems like she is unstoppable now.  You really make a difference in these girls’ lives.

I am so very happy that Hannah skates because she uses that as a type of medication for what ever is bothering her.  It also serves as a medication for me because no matter what is wrong I can watch her skate and I can’t help but smile. When they do something new that look they get on their faces the look of accomplishment always makes me proud to be a skater mom.  Hannah says tell you hi and she loves you.

– Angie






I just wanted to express my thoughts about the workshop we attended yesterday.

It was awesome!  Nadine and Natalie could not stop talking about it.  In fact, they went home yesterday practicing what was taught to them on the living room carpet.

The one-on-one training they received from you and your cohorts was amazing.  They learned that girls can be great riders too.  This will be a day that they’ll never forget.

– Terr-e, Nadine, and Natalie



We had a blast at the GRO event in Lake Forest.  Thanks so much for taking so much time to teach Velina and me the basics–it was really fun to learn in a skate park.  I don’t think we would have had the nerve to step in one otherwise!  I’m so glad I did–loved it!

– Frances Lee and Velina




My experience with GRO has been the best! I did the GRO Clinic at X Games LA 2012 at the interactive zone. The first day of X Games we went to the interactive zone to check it out. I loved it, so my little sister and I went every day. I had the best time. The girls there helped me a lot. My fear of dropping in went away and now I find it easier. So now when I go to the skatepark I will be less scared and soon I will learn to drop in on the pool.

– X Games Rider



I think GRO is a great organization and it helps many girls and women to be more confident about being action sports athletes. The best part of gro is that they don’t support just one sport they support many sports. Skateboarding has taught me determination and focus.  I will definitely tell other girls about GRO and tell them to not be afraid to learn to ride. I love you guys. Keep on making girls dreams come true!!

– Tracy



GRO means hope and inspiration to me because that’s what it gave me when I found it.

– Christiana Smith



If it weren’t for GRO I wouldn’t be skating like I do and would have never made some of the friends I have so I’m really grateful for that. There’s nothing that compares to being with a group of girl skaters,it’ss like a special bond, and whenever I see another female skater I always tell her about GRO and ask her to come skate with us! No matter how often you skate, your ability, or why you like skating GRO is a place where you can always improve and be around the most positive and encouraging energy. It’s also awesome to see how much one can improve in just one session. GRO is the best.

– Jenn James



“Big “Thank You!” to gro teaching my nieces how to skate. Caitlin and Lauren had a lot of fun and learned so much. We appreciate your time and effort;

you have definitely boosted their self-confidence and courage in these very “shy” girls.”

“They were so excited to start practicing in their backyard.Thanks Again!!!”
– Kindest Regards, Sheena L.

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