About GRO



Our Mission

Girls Riders Organization, Inc. (GRO) is a 501c3 organization founded to inspire, educate and support girls (of all ages) to be confident leaders of positive change.


Who We Are

GRO is the first nonprofit organization open to all females in skateboarding, snowboarding and other action sports. Lessons learned through GRO help girls not only in action sports, but also in all areas of life empowering them to be leaders of positive change.


What We Do

GRO. The National Organization.

  • Inspire. Through all work GRO tells girls they are welcome, they are important, they are capable, and they matter.
  • Educate. Executing GRO developed teaching methods, community programs and free learn to ride workshops suited for how females learn through GRO events, GRO Crews and other action sports events. Creating a safe and positive learning environment with females teaching other females setting girls up for success and increasing participation.
  • Support. GRO provides knowledge, skills, guidance and support to the entire network of GRO Riders and GRO Crews. Assist the industry, companies, communities and events to better reach and serve girls in action sports.


GRO Riders. The Members.

  • GRO is a community for girls, created by girls.  GRO is You!
  • GRO Riders are empowered through GRO to be leaders of positive change where they live providing ongoing inspiration and support to local girls.
  • GRO Riders work either individually or as part of a GRO Crew to represent and expand GRO’s work and mission through their efforts in communities across the country.
  • GRO Riders contribute to the voice and message of GRO.




GRO Crews. The Communities.

  • GRO Crews are comprised of five or more GRO Riders promoting the GRO mission in their community.
  • Through GRO Crews girls learn how to work together to plan and execute female action sports events and initiatives to increase accessibility and opportunities for girls locally.
  • GRO Crews together represent a locally focused, nationally connected network able to create positive change in their communities and the world.



Our Vision

Evolving with the needs of GRO Riders, GRO Crews and female action sports, the entire GRO network works together toward creating a more positive and open environment for girls that extends beyond just action sports.

To work for a day when all females have the strength and confidence to never feel limited in any ability, choice, activity or opportunity because
of their gender.



Video Production: Samuel Baumel // www.samuelbaumel.com

“I really appreciate having this chance to be a part of G.R.O. I’ve made lots a great friends already. I really hoped for this before I even knew of such a thing and this has been a dream come true to me to be a part of a community that helps us advance in skateboarding with others. There’s not a day that goes by, that I’m not grateful.”
-Agatha Sanchez