Pink Helmet Posse And GRO NYC


GRO NYC was glad to welcome Bella from Pink Helmet Posse to New York with a fun session, signing and meet and greet at Skate Brooklyn Skate Shop.


Bella, and the young girls of the team, have a true ability to inspire other young girls in skateboarding. Not only did NYC’s young rider, Sierra, take on dropping in to this ramp on her own, but she also left that day with a skateboard more geared for her size and setting her up for more success in her riding.


To make the day even better, those in attendance got a special screening of the Pink Helmet Posse documentary short playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. What a great look into how girls can be skaters and still be everything they love to be as girls. It shows how today, a girl does not have to conform to some image or be less into her passions to skate. What a treat!


Thank you to Skate Brooklyn and The Pink Helmet Posse for such a fun gathering here in New York, bridging the gap between the two coasts.