GRO NYC Helped Enable Wearskate Project To Bring Skateboarding To Local Girls

  “Wearskate was proud to provide scholarships to these 5 amazing ladies for a week of skate camp. The girls showed dedication and resilience while learning to skate and provided Homage Skate Camp with much need gender and cultural diversity that Brooklyn is so famous for. These 5 represent their […]

Michigan GRO Crew Travels To Grand Rapids

  Michigan GRO Crew traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 24th and held a GRO girls skate session and learn to skate workshop at AGA nation ‘s summer skate park series!!! This crew is doing amazing things in the midwest and already expanding their reach to new locations and […]

Inspiration Action At Supergirl Pro

  The Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro brought inspiration to girls in many ways.  An event dedicated to highlighting Supergirls and inspiring all girls to find their own Supergirl within.     Taking place right on the beach in Oceanside, California, there was action all day from the water and the […]

June Session In Colorado Springs

  It was a hot but fun sesh with the girls encouraging each other to try new tricks along the way. One Brin rode the 8 wheel skateboard, she was hooked on it! The next will be Friday July 17 at Arvada skatepark from 7pm-10pm

GRO x Nerd Grrrl Series

GRO was happy to be part of Papercut Press’ Nerd Grrrl Series features women from the world of skateboarding. The panel brings together women of diverse ages and backgrounds to talk about what it’s like to be a woman skateboarder. The panelist included… Courtney Payne Taylor was born in Bloomington, […]

GRO in Transworld Business: Global Skateboarding Summit Istanbul

        “The Global Skateboarding Summit also offered up its first annual skateboarding awards. Nominees and winners were judged by the World Skateboarding Federation…” 2015 Global Skateboarding Awards Nonprofit of the year: Girls Riders Organization Click to see the full article on Transworld.