Jessup Manufacturing | Official GRO Program Partner

Jessup GRO Partners


We would like to recognize and say thank you to Jessup Griptape for being a sponsor of GRO throughout the years. With their support, we help girls express themselves creatively by decorating their own grip at our sessions, and learning how to apply it to their skateboards.


Jessup’s support of GRO makes a difference.GRO Riders Jessup Grip art



  • Jessup Griptape covers program skateboards that enable individuals that do not yet own a skateboard the chance to experience skateboarding. They allow more girls (and boys) the opportunity to participate in the GRO Programs and sessions.


  • Jessup Griptape can be awarded to GRO Program Participants upon completion of programs to put riders one step closer to having their very own skateboard.


  • Jessup Griptape brings inclusion to individuals that don’t own a skateboard to participate in the #ImaginationBroughtToLife #DecorateYourSkate craft tables at GRO Program Graduations and other special events.


  • Jessup Manufacturing helps share the stories of GRO, amazing GRO Riders and GRO Events to their global audience.


Girls Decorate Jessup Griptape


These photos are from one creative day with over 100 young girls from Girls Inc. of Monroe County and other community youth of Bloomington, Indiana.  At the Imagination Brought To Life craft tables, girls get to express their creativity through skate with stencils, chalk, paint, and glitter!  Skateboarding is a unique journey for each rider and they are encouraged to celebrate their unique self throughout that journey.  The opportunity to design and customize the look of their skateboard does just that.  When someone does not have their own skateboard, Jessup Griptape provides a new sheet of grip so that they too can participate and have that griptape to use on a future skateboard.  


Jessup has been around since 1975 and has covered over 25 million decks with their silicon carbide griptape.

We are proud to provide this to girls as they explore the world of skateboarding.