Inspiration Action At Supergirl Pro

Supergirl Skate


The Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro brought inspiration to girls in many ways.  An event dedicated to highlighting Supergirls and inspiring all girls to find their own Supergirl within.


Supergirl Stage


Taking place right on the beach in Oceanside, California, there was action all day from the water and the land.  Top female surfers showed amazing talent and the impressive progression today’s surf girls are reaching.  From the sponsors, the entertainment, the athletes, and spectators came positive energy.


Supergirl Speech


Courtney Payne-Taylor, the founder of GRO, was honored with the opportunity to speak at Supergirl Pro on the final day of the event.  A speech dedicated to the encouragement to discover and act on the unique and personal dreams that exist within every female.


Supergirl Winners


Sunday also brought inspiration from skate as many of today’s top female skaters competed in the event’s vert competition.  The young generation showcases such skill that is raising the bar for women’s skateboarding every single day.  Look forward to more great happenings from Supergirl in the years to come.