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To work for a day when all females have the strength and confidence to never feel limited in any ability, choice, activity or opportunity because of their gender.

It sounds like it could’ve been an excerpt from a keynote speech at one of the Women’s Marches that took place in Washington, DC, across the country and around the world last Saturday. But in fact, it’s part of the Vision Statement of the Girls Riders Organization (GRO), a national not-for-profit founded to encourage more participation by girls and young women in action sports, notably skateboarding. Its newest chapter, the GRO Hudson Valley Crew, took form right here in Gardiner, where the local group calls itself the Majestic Sk8 Crew, after its regular gathering place: the skate park in George Majestic Memorial Park…


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… This sort of bonding and mutual support seems to be a natural part of the process of the crew’s formation. “We want it to be empowering,” Georgia says. “My daughter feels so powerful and fierce on that skateboard!”

The Majestic Sk8 Crew is looking for new GRO Rider members, and would like to recruit some teens who can help impart their boarding skills to the younger ones. “It’s hard to find older girls,” Georgia laments. Donations are also sought; a bag of hand-me-down equipment,  helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, wristguards, even spare boards is kept on hand for the use of first-timers who want to try out the sport before investing in their own equipment. Cash donations are tax-deductible, since the umbrella organization, GRO, is a 501 (c) (3), are appreciated as well. Eventually, says Ilka Chase Piper’s mother and the Hudson Valley Crew’s vice president” they hope to organize some fundraising events, with the long-term goal of refurbishing and expanding the Gardiner Skate Park…

… Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join the group. For updates on future activities, meeting times and locations, visit or, or e-mail


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