GRO Rider Profile – Taylor Priest

GRO RIder - Taylor Priest

What is your name/how old are you?

My name is Taylor Priest, I’m 22 years old.

Where are you from? 

I’m originally from Burton, MI, but I moved to Ann Arbor about a year ago.

How long have you been skating/Why did you start skating?

I’ve been skating for just over 3 years. Skating was originally my way to get my mind off of things.

What was your first setup?

My first set up was Thunder Trucks, Rush Bearings, a Superior Deck, and Ricta Wheels.

Where/what did you skate first?

I used to drive 100 miles 4 times a week to skate Ann Arbor. There was also this little pavilion by my house that was owned by a church that I would work on some flat ground stuff. Cruising down the streets has always been my favorite.

Who did you skate with first?

Tyler Joslin showed me the ropes. Miss that kid so much.

Do they still skate?

Last thing I knew he doesn’t. That kid has so much potential, he was skating for a year and consistently landing double kickflips and nightmare flips. Rad guy. Glad that I get to give him credit for the start of my skate career.

How did you find GRO?

I found GRO through Modern Skatepark and the session’s you guys host there with Kristen, Ray Charles, and Christiana.

How has GRO impacted you?

GRO has opened up an entirely new aspect of skateboarding for me. You guys open the door and provide places for women to learn in a judgement-free zone and help each other progress. It’s an amazing organization you guys have going here. It’s important for me to bring this to Ann Arbor and help other women learn and grow as skaters.

Any personal goals for you this year?

Building the women’s skate scene in Ann Arbor is what I’m all about. I’m a board member now for the skatepark, we’ve started a skate crew out here called MADHOUSE, and I’m super involved with teaching all of these chicks how to skate. It’s a good time. I love what I do.

What has skateboarding taught you about yourself?

Skateboarding has taught me so many different things, I can’t put it all into one paragraph. But the most important thing is that skateboarding has taught be comfortable with myself. The skate community is accepting of everyone and being able to co-exist with all different kinds of people, but focusing on yourself, you get the best of both worlds.