GRO Rider Profile | Christiana Smith


Photo by Dontae Rockymore

Photo by Dontae Rockymore

Name and age: Christiana Smith, 19

Hometown: Southfield. Michigan

Current location: Los Angeles, California


How long have you been skating?
8 years

How did you get into skateboarding?
A lot of my guy friends at school skated and I was always interested in it for some reason, even before I started. I told all my friends I skated too so I asked my parents to get me a board.

What was your first setup?
Element board, core trucks, reds bearings, I think like tgm wheels

Who did you first skate with and do you still skate with them now?
All my guy friends from elementary school, middle school, and high school. I skate with like two of them still.

Why do you skate?
Because I love everything about it, the culture, landing tricks, the battles, life lessons, and friends you make from it.

How did you find GRO?
My home park, Modern Skate Park (Royal Oaks, MI), told me about a contest series GRO was throwing.

Where do you like to skate in LA?
Everywhere. All the fun parks and street spots all over.

Photo by Dontae Rockymore

Photo by Dontae Rockymore

Have you skated anywhere else on the west coast?
I’ve skated in Seattle, San Diego and San Fransisco.

Any personal goals for you in skating this year?
Finish a video part and do contests.

How did you get into the Skate Witches zine #4?
The homies from Seattle I met at Wheels of Fortune asked me to be in it.

How did you get into the film (currently in Production) called “Quit Your Day Job?”
I met Monique O’toole a few years ago when I was visiting LA and we’ve been in contact ever since.

Any other projects that you’re currently involved in?
My company, A Positive Seed Co. I started it to inspire people all over to plant seeds of positivity so they grow and spread, and inspire more to do the same. Also restarting the LA GRO Crew with sessions starting very soon.

You recently went to the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic. How was that?
It was so sick to watch and see girls from all over shred the bowl. So much fun!

What were the hightlights for you?
Everything was pretty sick honestly, so much respect for all the girls out there shredding transition. Seeing the little ones shred was for sure a highlight as well, doing tricks I can’t do, its pretty inspiring.

Photo by Jacob Bain

Photo by Jacob Bain

What do you think about this event and do want to compete in it one day?
I think it’s an amazing event I’m glad Vans holds such a rad event for women. I don’t exactly have plans to compete in it in the future, I’m definitely more of a street skater but I love to skate everything. I’ve skated combi before, its fun, I just don’t skate bowl enough to where I would compete in it. But who knows.


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