GRO Rider Profile – Chris Culma

GRO Rider, Chris Culma
What is your name/how old are you? Chris Culma, 26 years old
Where are you from? From Queens, NY. Mi segundo hogar es Armenia, Colombia.
How long have you been skating/Why do you skate?
I have been skating since I was 15 years old, so over 10 years now. There are so many reasons why I skate it is hard to put into words. It is a part of who I am and gives me a freedom that nothing else does. I feel grateful for all the connections I have made and continue to make through skating.  I started skating because I grew tired of watching my childhood friends (who were all guys) skate and I decided why not give it a try?
What was your first setup?
My first set up was a Girl Skateboard deck, Grind King trucks, Bones Reds Bearings and I can’t remember what kind of wheels. I actually still have my first deck for memories. I first skated on a local one-way street with my guy friends. Aside from my twin sister Niki, I don’t skate with my childhood friends anymore. I consider them my brothers and we still chill, but they all stopped skating for different reasons.
GRO Rider Chris Culma
How did you find GRO?
I met Courtney a few years ago and after attending my first GRO event I found myself really drawn to the mission of the organization.
How has GRO impacted you/why is it important to you?
When I first starting skating me and Niki were probably the only female skateboarders in Queens. I am happy to say that with time, I see a lot more female representation in skateboarding. GRO has made me realize how important it is to encourage woman of different ages and identities to try skateboarding.
GRO Rider Chris Culma
Any personal goals for you in skating this year?
I am trying to skate ledges more consistently. I just landed my first feeble on a ledge last week so I am pretty stoked on that. I also want to improve my transition skating.
Any other projects that you’re currently involved in?
Nothing other than GRO at this time. I am currently taking a college course to prepare for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification exam so hopefully I pass.
What has skateboarding taught you about yourself?
It has taught me that I, like everyone else, am capable of pushing myself both physically and mentally to become a better skateboarder.
GRO Rider Chris Culma