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Chica de Mayo
By EdLab Studios

After having two boys, Tracey Barton-Herishen couldn’t wait till the day she’d be signing her daughter up for dance classes and cheerleading tryouts. But at just five years old Zoe fell in love with skateboarding and Tracey officially accepted her role as Skater Mom. It wasn’t long before Zoe noticed she was an anomaly at the skatepark and longed to meet other female action sport fanatics like herself to share her passion and swap tricks. She discovered all this and more through Girls Riders Organization NYC. The first non-profit organization open to all females in skateboarding, GRO was founded by Courtney Payne-Taylor a decade ago when she too found her calling on the half-pipe and wondered why more girls weren’t skating. As it turned out, girls were interested and capable but were intimidated. They simply needed instruction and support from fellow females who can relate. Today, GRO is thriving in seven cities across the US and Canada providing education and inspiration to girls of all ages through this once-male-dominated sport. Through monthly girls-only crew sessions and public events, GRO teaches girls that they are can break through the barriers of gender norms and excel doing what they love in a positive encouraging environment. GRO crew members are encouraged to take on leadership roles guiding newcomers and planning city-wide events, a challenge 9-year-old Zoe accepted when she decided to launch Chica de Mayo . The event united experienced and beginner female skateboarders and longboarders of all ages at Brooklyn Bike Park to teach, learn, and embolden girls to overcome obstacles of all kinds.
Music: Breezeway by Patrick Lee

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