GRO NYC Helped Enable Wearskate Project To Bring Skateboarding To Local Girls

2015 NYC GRO Wearskate Project


“Wearskate was proud to provide scholarships to these 5 amazing ladies for a week of skate camp. The girls showed dedication and resilience while learning to skate and provided Homage Skate Camp with much need gender and cultural diversity that Brooklyn is so famous for. These 5 represent their communities with pride and proved that all children, when given the right opportunities, tools, and nurturing, have the ability to succeed and even excel in any area they choose.”

– Megan Carli, Wearskate.



2015 NYC GRO Wearskate Project 2


The project was a success!  Thank you to everyone who supported the funding through Kickstarter.  There are now five new GRO Riders in NYC with new skateboards, safety gear and the ability to ride. Thank you to Megan Carli and Wearskate for involving the NYC GRO Crew in such a great mission!


2015 NYC GRO Wearskate Project 3

“I feel that the inaugural program run this week was a success. The girls were able to mesh well with the other students in the week’s session. The registrants interacted well with the other students, creating what we hope will be friendships that carry beyond the program.
The counselors created a space for the girls to confidently ease themselves into the whole process of learning how to skateboard. The girls seemed to adapt comfortably with the program structure of skill building, social bonding with other students, as well as managing the overall general engagement with the Homage Skateboard Academy program successfully. 
 – Omar, Homage Brooklyn


2015 06 09 GRO NYC Kickstarter

The Project 

Hello, my name is Megan Carli, and welcome to my Kickstarter. I’m a sculpture artist and founder of Wearskate Jewelry, a Brooklyn-based line that launched in November. Wearskate repurposes used skateboards, found wood, and metal to create small sculptures and jewelry. Wearskate was created with the idea that one day it would be able to give back to the community and become the sole funder of an all girls skateboarding summer program. Wearskate is in its infancy and still building momentum so I’ve decided to create a kickstarter with the goal of providing the financial  foundation for the 2015 summer skate program.  I am working  in coordination with Girls Riders Organization (GRO), and Homage Skateboards to provide skateboards, safety gear, and a week of skateboarding instruction for New York City girls, ages 6-11, who could not otherwise afford it.
2015 06 10 GRO NYC Kickstarter