GRO NYC – Girls Ramp Division At Riverside Skate Contest




Each year Riverside Skate Park in NYC puts on a contest.  Last year, they included a girls contest and had one girl.  So GRO got involved to help build the ladies event.




There may not be many girls in the area that feel they are good enough to compete, but that shouldn’t matter.  The goal for GRO at this event was to turn the event from a challenge to fun!  All girls at the park were encouraged to take part and most did, even if a lending hand was needed for their run.  The feelings changed from fear to pure happiness as each girl faced this fear and surprised themselves.




Weather it was mastering one new trick, being part of their first contest or stepping on the podium for the first time, every rider took a step forward in the skate journey.  Victoria took first place, Ali claimed 2nd and Iyona 3rd.  In the end, they were all winners and this time around, the Riverside Skate Jam had a full girls contest.  A big step forward from one loan rider.