GRO NYC Celebrates A Great 2014!


2014 12 10 GRO NYC Homage Holiday

GRO NYC rounded out an amazing year with two final 2014 events at Homage and Skate Brooklyn in December with so many great additions in activities and riders! 

2014 12 10 GRO NYC Homage


The last GRO x Homage Girls Only Skate Session saw the addition of art with the first GRO craft project of board and grip decorating at the event.  GRO provided paint, markers, sponges, stencils and more for each girl to get creative in self-expression through decorating and customizing their own skateboard in any way they wished.


Girls that did not have a board of their own to decorate got a new sheet of Jessup Grip to work on that they can have for their first skateboard of their own.  Every age of rider got into the art and produced some great work.


This session also was honored to have Masaye on site with her camera to capture the NYC GRO Crew and what it’s all about.  The video is going to a project for her school’s film class and will be shared upon its completion.


To top off this great day, this GRO x Homage session had the biggest turnout for a GRO NYC event aside from the GRO x HOV events with around 25 female riders.  When these sessions began, it was normal to have as few as five riders on a regular basis.  Now, three years in, the growth is undeniable.

2014 12 10 GRO NYC Homage Group



“This is such a key point for girls and GRO Crews starting up in other communities around the country.  


In the beginning, things can seem small and show slow and little growth.  Many can see this as a failure or cause to quit.  It is not.  Things take time and that is ok.  


Stick with your dreams and goals no matter what trials seem to come and success will come.”



– Courtney Payne Taylor – Founder, GRO


The final 2014 session at Skate Brooklyn was amazing in it’s own way.  

This was a session of accomplishment!  Three young girls, all under 10 years old, felt the beautiful feeling of achievement in dropping in.  For one young lady, it was finding the courage to drop in on her own for the first time.  For another, who had tried with help a couple times prior, she reached the point of dropping in with only a spotter.  The third young rider was riding a ramp for the very first time.  Her young courage pushed her to insist on getting on the deck day 1.  With so little experience, she progressed so far as dropping in with the confidence support of holding a single finger of her spotter.  It was a series of successes that spread cheers and smiles to everyone there.