Start A New GRO Crew

Any girl of any age or experience level is able to take simple steps to create a GRO Crew.  You will not have to do this alone.  GRO will help you through the entire process.  GRO and GRO Crews in other areas will be available for questions and support.


Starting A New GRO Crew: The ProcessStart_Crew_Side

  1. Be a GRO Rider.  You must be a registered GRO Rider Member to start a GRO Crew.  If you are not a GRO Rider yet, complete the GRO Rider Membership.  Click here to become a GRO Rider Member.
  2. Get at least 4 other girls in your area registered as GRO Rider Members.  It takes a minimum of 5 GRO Riders to become an official GRO Crew.  Keep in mind that everyone does not have to be an experienced rider to start.  They can be girls that are still beginners or wanting to start riding.  If none of the members are over 25 years old an adult will need to be part of the GRO Crew.  If you already meet this requirement, move on to the next step.  If you need more girls, here are some ideas.
  • Reach out to local girls that already ride or who want to start.  You may know them personally or you can speak with a local park, skate shop or through social media to find girl riders
  • Ask GRO to help find girl riders in your area.  GRO can reach out to the large network of girls, local shops, and parks, through social media and email to help locate interested girls near you.
  • Hold GRO Sessions at a local park.  GRO will help you plan, promote and hold GRO Sessions in your area to reach more girls that ride or are ready to begin.  Email to get your sessions going.
  1. Complete the GRO Crew Application.  
  2. Submit the GRO Crew Application to GRO.
  3. GRO will contact the applying GRO Crew with approval, along with the GRO Crew Guide, Event Guide, and more information.


If you have questions about starting a GRO Crew click here to check out some Frequently Asked Question.

For any help at any point in this process email questions to