FAQ: GRO Crews

Here are some regular questions about GRO Crews and starting a GRO Crew.  If you do not find the answers you need here, email questions to info@girlsriders.org.


Starting a GRO Crew


Why does a GRO Crew need five or more GRO Rider Members to start?

  • A GRO Crew is not one person responsible for making things happen.  A GRO Crew is a group of girls working together to make things happen.
  • Having at least 5 GRO Riders ensures that no individual or individuals are making all the decisions or doing all the work alone.
  • This ensures the GRO Crew will not disappear due to a girl moving away from that city or temporarily being unavailable.


Why does a GRO Crew need to include an adult over 25 years old?

  • A responsible adult is required to oversee the activities of the GRO Crew to ensure safety, provide active supervision and for certain steps during the growth, such as holding a GRO Crew bank account.
  • Multiple adults and parents can be involved.
  • The adult does not have to be an active rider.
  • The adult does not have to be a GRO Rider Member, but it is encouraged.


How do I run GRO Sessions?

  • Select a location.  A public or private Skatepark or other action sport friendly location in your town.
  • Select a day and time for the session.  A 2-3 hour time period is good to start with.
  • Email info@girlsriders.org to review and confirm your plan.
  • Make a flyer for the GRO Session that includes the location, address, date and time.
  • Share the flyer and information with your friends, family, and community.  GRO will also share this across social media, girlsriders.org and email.
  • The day of the GRO Session, arrive at the location at least 20 minutes early to welcome girls as they arrive.
  • Ride with and get to know the girls that come to the session.  Don’t forget to get email addresses and any other contact info from girls who want to get involved.
  • Collect media at the GRO Session.  Photos, videos, interviews, and quotes are all good.  After each session, send it to GRO to share online.
  • Repeat GRO Sessions until you have 5 GRO Riders registered from your area.


I am having problems finding more girls.  What am I doing wrong?

  • It may take some time or multiple sessions to find enough girls.  That’s ok.  There is no pressure or deadline for this first step.
  • During this search, some girls may come to sessions or want to be involved, then stop coming or change their mind.  That is ok, normal and not your fault.  Do not spend too much time trying to change their mind.  Continue to spread the word and hold sessions and more girls, who will truly want to be a part of this, will come.
  • Every city and town is different.  Where one city may start the search and find 20 girls in the first month, another city may take 3 months to get 5 girls.  That’s ok.  Every city is different and will have a different experience in the rate of growth.  Never feel like it is not big enough.
  • If you ever feel discouraged or need help reach out to GRO.  We are here for you and have personal experience with this challenge.



From the York GRO Crew in Pennsylvania