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If you live life waiting for somebody to come and make things happen in your community and life, most likely, you will spend your time doing just that. Waiting for a change that may never come.


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To get in contact with a GRO Crew email and let us know which GRO Crew you would like to be connected with.



About GRO Crews

GRO Crews are founded on the idea that you and girls around you are able to create the positive change, opportunities and the world they imagine.  GRO is a community for girls, created by girls.  GRO is You!  Altogether, GRO Crews are a locally focused, nationally connected network able to create positive change in their communities and the world.

GRO Crews work on the local level to promote the GRO mission in their community.  Through involvement in a GRO Crew, girls of all ages learn how to work together to set goals, make plans and execute events and initiatives to increase accessibility and opportunities for girls locally.


GRO Riders learn that they are capable of creating positive change and how to make it happen.


  • GRO Crews are comprised of five or more GRO Riders.  If all of the GRO Riders are under 25 years old, then a parent or other adult is required.
  • GRO Crews can work across multiple action sports.  Skateboarding is the most accessible, most affordable and able to help the most girls, regardless of where they live or their financial situation.  All GRO Crews are highly encouraged to work with skateboarding through their GRO Crew.  However, GRO Crews are able to work in snowboarding, skiing, BMX and other action sports.
  • GRO Crews are connected to other GRO Crews around the country to get answers, ideas, advice and work together in a variety of ways.
  • GRO Crews have full access to and support of GRO.
  • GRO Crews are part of the Girls Riders Organization 501c3 organization providing established recognition, ability to hold events, raise funds and more.
  • Each GRO Crew can utilize the vast existing network of GRO including thousands of other female riders, parks, shops, action sports companies, media and more to assist in their efforts.  GRO Crews are able to learn from and benefit from the over 10 years of experience and knowledge of GRO at any time.
  • GRO Crews are a platform for creativity.  Although there is guidance and established activities, each group is free to explore and execute original goals, events or any other new ideas that further the GRO mission.




Start A GRO Crew

No GRO Crew near you?  Be a creator!  Any GRO Rider can start a new GRO Crew for their community.  There are simple steps to create a new GRO Crew and GRO is here to help you.  Every girl is capable of being a leader of change and you will not be alone.

– Click here to learn how to start a new GRO Crew. –

A group of individuals multiplies the potential to make a positive impact on the world they live in.