Encinitas, CA GRO Crew: In The News

The Encinitas GRO Crew is already attracting their local news.
The Coast News Group just wrote a great story about the new GRO Crew and their first event.

Switching stances: Girls skating into their own

ENCINITAS  A 6-year-old girl, dressed in a rainbow colored tutu riding a skateboard and dropping in on one of the mini ramps or bowls – that’s just about the norm at the Encinitas Community skate park.

Girls skateboarding at the park, or any other around North County for that matter, is becoming just about the norm, too.

GRO The Coast News Group

“It’s absolutely increasing,” said Kendra Sebelius, referring to the number of girls picking up skateboarding. “Ten years ago, this wouldn’t have been the case.”

Girls Riders Organization (GRO), a nonprofit organization that’s taken on the mission of helping open up the world of skateboarding and other alternative action sports to young girls.

“I know that people look at skateboarding as a piece of wood and wheels, but it’s so much more than that,” she said. “It’s mentoring kids and especially the girls to have a voice and have a space at these parks where it can be really intimidating,” she said.

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