A Dream Coming True For This 6 Year Old

GRO was recently contacted about a young girl with a dream of becoming a skateboarder.  Chloe is already a champion and inspiration for not letting anything in life hold you back and HearStrong wanted to help their young ambassador in reaching for her dream.  Chloe dreamed of being a skateboarder.  Not a professional skater or to compete in X Games, just to skate.  Her hearing implant prevented her from wearing a normal helmet.

GRO could not be more excited in welcoming Chloe, the newest GRO Rider, to the NYC GRO Crew.  With that GRO Crew, she will learn to skate, have a group of friends to skate with and work with GRO and Adaptive Action Sports to get a custom helmet.  With a new complete board from Sector 9, she is already well on her way to reaching her dream and is sure to be an inspiration to many girls through GRO.

Chloe Stark Award


PR Web covered the award ceremony. Here is a portion of their recap.

Diagnosed with profound hearing loss as an infant, Chloe received cochlear implants at the age of two. Shortly after, she began attending the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech in New York City to help advance her language and communication skills. Chloe was a star student who far surpassed her developmental milestones and graduated with flying colors.

Today, Chloe is excelling in mainstream kindergarten and is not shy about teaching others about her hearing loss or devices. An aspiring skateboarder, Chloe is determined to not allow her hearing difficulties keep her from achieving any goal.

To help support her passion, HearStrong teamed with the Girls Riders Organization (GRO) and Sector 9 to present Chloe with a custom skateboard and an opportunity to train with some of the most accomplished women in the sport at GRO’s New York City location.

“Chloe truly epitomizes what it means to be a HearStrong Champion,” said Clifford Carey, communications director of EarQ. “Her enthusiasm for chasing her goals and teaching others about the value of hearing better is not only admirable, but can have a huge impact on how her friends, classmates, and teachers view hearing loss.”
To learn more, visit hearstrong.org.

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