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ESPN W Toyota Everyday Heroes Quote GRO

espnW | Toyota Everyday Heroes empower young girls and women through sports

  Three influential women who have succeeded in empowering young girls and women through sports in their respective communities were recognized for their achievements Friday as the 2016 Toyota Everyday Heroes at espnW: Women + Sports Summit. Courtney Payne-Taylor’s Girls Riders Organization in Indiana inspires, educates and supports girls through action sports … … We […]

Inspiration Action At Supergirl Pro

  The Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro brought inspiration to girls in many ways.  An event dedicated to highlighting Supergirls and inspiring all girls to find their own Supergirl within.     Taking place right on the beach in Oceanside, California, there was action all day from the water and the land.  Top female surfers showed […]

Supergirl Speech