Bloomington, Indiana | Fall/Winter Community Skateboard Sessions

GRO Skateboarding this fall at The Warehouse. Interested in learning more about skateboarding, meeting other skaters, helping others learn about skating or building the skateboarding community in general, this is your opportunity to do so.

GRO Skateboarding Presents
Community Skateboard Sessions
Bloomington, Indiana

This is a session for all ages and abilities to come together around skateboarding.

Never tried skateboarding? This is for you! Not only are there skateboards, pads, and helmets available to use, there are also opportunities to ask questions about skating and opportunities to learn some basic skills of skateboarding.

Tried skateboarding once and didn’t do well? Time to give it another try with people who can help make your second attempt a successful one with the right information.

Already a great skateboarder who would like to give back through skateboarding? This is your chance to help someone else get on board. Be a positive mentor and friend to those in Bloomington just getting started!

From beginners to advanced skateboarders, this is a session to help grow the skateboarding community in our town!

These are free events but donations are highly encouraged and money from donations will go to helping improve the skatepark.

Once Switchyard Skatepark opens to the public, we will be able to ride two amazing parks in one location!

Any questions? Email them to

Find out what skateboarding can do in your life…