GRO NYC | Chica de Mayo | May 21st


Date | Saturday, May 21st 2016

Time | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM 

Location | Brooklyn Bike Park

Address | 318 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11249


GRO is an organization for girls by girls.  At the heart of the GRO Mission is showing girls, of all ages, just how amazing and capable they are.  Every girl can be a leader and make a positive impact on the world.  Chica de Mayo is one beautiful example of this.

At 9 years old, Zoe, from GRO NYC, had a vision and an idea to help bring girls from both skateboarding and longboarding together, and to teach some new girls to ride too.


“Skateboarding is my life.  I love to cruise around on my longboard and I love hitting the skateparks on my trick board.  Dropping in on a big hill or ramp makes me feel like I am flying!  My idea is to have an event that brings skateboarding girls and long boarding girls together.  The Brooklyn Bike Park is the perfect place for that because it’s good for both kind of boards. It has a really long track with little hills which is fun for trick boards or longboards. I think an event like this is good because it will bring all kinds of girls together and when girls get together we can encourage each other and great things can happen!”

 – Zoe

Chica de Mayo was conceived and will be lead by Zoe with the help of the GRO NYC Crew.  This event will include…

  • Learn To Skate Workshop
  • Girls Only Skate Session
  • Fun Contests
  • Raffle
  • Live DJ
  • And More!