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NYC GRO Crew’s Riverside Park Event

  To mark the opening of the season at Riverside Skate Park, GRO NYC and Summer on the Hudson held a girls skateboard jam on May 16th. The skate park originally opened in 1995 and features various skating surfaces, two half-pipes, and assorted ramps. It is located at 108th St. at the ballfield level. Riverside is a […]

Toys: Toy Boarders

The Original AJ’s Toy Boarders 2015 This collection of toy skateboard figurines has one female skater in the bag.  “Girl Cruising”  

2015 Toy Boarders 1

4 12 MI GRO Session

Michigan GRO Sessions

Michigan is on it’s way towards having it’s first official GRO Crew!  With the creation of this crew lead by one of the Midwest’s top female skaters, Christiana Smith, in collaboration with Modern Skatepark, this GRO Crew will be ready to weather the seasons and keep girls skateboarding in Michigan growing all year round.   […]

GRO Snow Ladies Day – Mt. Hood Meadows

The Girl’s Ride Organization (GRO) Snow Ladies Day is a day on the mountain for ladies of all ages and abilities to come together to ski and ride. Meet some new friends, win some fantastic goodies and enjoy some time shredding with fellow ladies! 67 girls came together to shred the snow for the first […]

Snow Hood Meadows

Vote GSA Awards

Vote GRO for Global Skateboarding Awards

GRO is honored to be nominated for two Global Skateboard Awards this year. Add your voice to the selection and support GRO!   Vote online today.  Click here to start.

SD GRO Crew – Monthly Girls’ Skate Sessions

Inviting all girls, all ages and abilities, to this open GRO Skate Session. The skateboard workshop last November at the Exposure event had an amazing turnout.  To keep the positive energy going in San Diego the goal is to create this and hopefully more skate sessions for the ladies.     GRO Skateboard Session Every […]

SD Monthly Session

GRO Snow Stevens Pass Ladies Day

GRO Snow Ladies Day Video: Stevens Pass

    Smiles, high fives, and shredding Steven’s Pass was the hype of Ladies day 2015. Fresh Cut Films followed the action. Music: Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Edit: Ryan Tucker    

NYC GRO Crew Sunday Skate Session – Homage

NYC GRO Girls Only Sessions – Homage TF   615 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY Each month, GRO NYC and Homage are providing all girl skateboard sessions.         GRO NYC x Homage Girls Only Skate Session (Beginner focused)     Sunday, April 12th and Sunday, May 3rd 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Dates for June and […]

NYC younggroup

SD GRO On Skating Fashionista

GRO On Skating Fashionista

      Skating Fashionista shared this great post on the blog about the SD GRO Crew’s February Skate Session.   Thank you Jordan for spreading the word!